WANTED-Urban Sprout Farmers

The future is here. Franchises are now available for the first, “small” commercial sprout growing facility which complies with every health and safety standard set forth by the FDA while at the same time allowing a sprout farmer to grow/process and package up to #1000 lbs of sprouts in a 750 square foot area every five days.

We provide all the planning for a green building to be bult, or repurposed for a safe sprout growing environment.

All the specially desiged equipment for growing, processing and packaging sprout crops has been invented and fabricated for the small grower and space.

We have sourced and will continue our relationships with smaller organic seed farmers to provide the best and most bio-diverse, organic seed for sprouting.

We provide all of the scientific and technical advice necessary to operate a beautiful, small and profitable sprout growing operation.

We highly value the energies of an environment which we believe ultimately controls the final product. We will teach and provide those creative, conscious modalitites. This factor ultimately allows us to enhance the growing environment to create a unique, happy and joyfilled place for sprouts to grow and people to work.


  • Must be absolutely committed to saving “Mother Earth”.
  • Must be passionate about growing healthy organic food for your community.
  • Must truly understand why sprouts are so intrinsically healthy and good for you.  Read our dear friend Steve Meyerowitzs’  “Sprouts-The Miracle Food”
  • Must be kind, focused, goodhearted and willing to learn.
  • Must be intelligent, steadfast and detail oriented.
  • Must be calm, careful , methodical and concise.
  • Must be loving-loving-loving.

All interested potential sprout farmers call us today.

Sprout on!

MaryAlice  775-219-6111