We begin today, a deliberate conversation to expand the consciousness and knowledge about the necessity of eating “LIVE”, nutrient dense food in the form of organic sprouts. With the ultimate goal and satisfaction of actually obtaining optimum health which in turn, leads to living joy filled lives.

We have reinvented the sprout industry with our big bags of artisanal blends of organic sprouts for everyone to eat. Sprouts will now be, a primary food source. Not just a garnish!!!!!!

To that end, we only package in recyclable 8 oz, 1 & 2 lb bags for people to buy, enjoy or continue to grow.

Fresh, “alive” organic sprouts are the healthiest food on the planet because, the wide variety of sprouts that creates our artisanal blends, contain a unique nutritional cornucopia.

Grown locally they support a small sprout farmer and provide an essential food source for a community. Realizing an amazing freshness that is obviously lost when transported long distances.  One less carbon foot print.

Each seed has its’ own unique variety of vitamins and minerals with life force energy that is measured with kurlian technology. Seeds when newly sprouted and harvested after 5 days are nutrient dense and highly digestible.

People now have the ability to eat more sprouts in their diet. Taking our bag of sprouts, putting them in your salad spinnner, watering them every 2 days and spinning them, creates your very own sprout salad garden. These sprouts are alive and continue to grow until harvested and eaten. Refrigeration slows the growth cycle so, this produce that has a very long life.

Our goal is to have sprouts be one of the primary food groups , which will be recognized by governments and health institutions world wide.

The small, commercial sprout farm model, will be the primary impetus to support small sprout farmers globally who will now be able to grow for their own communities, in a safe, efficient and profitable manner.

Sprout on!