MaryAlice Galt envisioned the creation of a small, commercial sprout farm so, organic sprouts can be grown fresh and local in every community.   It’s such a fantastic opportunity for lots more good people to be farmers.  We have created beautiful, varietal blends of artisanal, heirloom Organic sprouts that taste amazing. “It’s time that sprouts become a primary food source which absolutely supports a plant-based diet. People need to Eat More Sprouts!”

From 1972 to 1985  MaryAlice co-founded Good Earth Restaurants, the largest chain of healthy food restaurants in the United States. At its zenith there were 53 Good Earth Restaurants that served approximately 10 million healthy meals a year while concurrently being the single biggest user of alfalfa sprouts. MaryAlice worked for years on the opening teams traveling to new Good Earths around the country. Good Earth Restaurants was fully acquired by General Mills, Inc. in 1980 and her Father, Bill Galt, the Founder, remained as President of Good Earth Restaurants until 1986 working diligently to change the eating habits of Americans.

MaryAlice has long had a passion for healthy food, diligently studying everything health and nutrition for the last 45 years while at the same time being deeply concerned about the well-being and ongoing survival of our wonderous planet.

After Good Earth Restaurants in 1986, MaryAlice had the opportunity  to become an environmental attorney where she completed her studies at Lewis & Clark, Northwestern School of Law in Portland, Oregon.  In the summer between her second and third year of law school she developed a sprout farm in San Rafael, California whose sprout salads became a huge hit in the area.

In 2012, MaryAlice found no good sprouts in any of the local markets. Determined to discover the state of the sprouting industry, she attended the International Sprout Grower’s Association (ISGA) annual meeting and was elected to the Board of Directors. As a Board Member of ISGA she learned there were no small sprouting operations that fully complied with all the FDA standards for health and safety.   As a practicing attorney and sprout farmer, MaryAlice has had the opportunity of working with the FDA in promulgating new regulations around safe sprout growing these last three years.

MaryAlice believes that sprouts, as the healthiest food on the planet must become a primary food source.  “People will eat sprouts, fruits and vegetables every day.”  To that end, MaryAlice has created a new sprout product which is no longer packaged in the ecologic disaster of plastic clam shells. Rather, big biodegradable, breathable bags are used in 8oz. and 1 lb. quantities that are now available for sale.

MaryAlice with her past culinary experience has created enticing blends of various exotic and heirloom sprouts from around the world, that when blended, are like nothing you have ever tasted.

MaryAlice and her team hold the distinction of being part of a small, new group of FDA certified Trainers for sprout growers, and certified sprout growers in the United States.

We are committed to bringing a sprout farm to your community!

Love, MaryAlice