The sprout industry is highly regulated and although we are a small sprout farm, we have taken advanced trainings and hold certifications from the USDA as sprout growers. Our commercial facility complies with all new regulations recently passed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in regards to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and particularly Subpart-M which pertains to sprout growing. We are USDA Organic certified and  ONLY grow organic sprouts.

Besides complying with the highest safety and cleanliness standards, every crop’s second day irrigation water is tested for specific food pathogens as required by the usda before the crops are released. Sprouts are the only crop from which this is required but, in turn, creates a knowing that you are eating the healthiest, live food available.We have internal operating procedures, which verify the safety and proper planting, harvesting and storage of all our organic seed.

MaryAlice Galt, CEO/ Founder, as an environmental attorney and farmer, has had the opportunity of working with the FDA and the Sprout Safety Alliance as a Director of the International Sprout Growers Association for the last six years. Ms. Galt is one of the few FDA certified sprout growers and trainers in the country.